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Moved by a passion to create unique places, that like minded travellers can also call home.

I was born in Rome. My father was a Doctor, my mother dedicated her time to us 3 children. We were kept busy with sports and grew up with strong family values and unconditional love for a beach house in Sabaudia, along the southern coast of Italy, where we spent many weekends and the whole of our summers, convinced that no other place could be as beautiful and nourish comparable emotions. I was inspired. While some travelers always seek new destinations and places, I wanted to plant solid roots in the same special places that my entire family could call home.

I was a junior tennis champion, I won the Under 16 Italian championships and lost in the quarter-finals of the European competition against the future world n.1 Stefan Edberg. Thereafter, I pursued a career in Finance and moved to London aged 24 after my degree in economics. While building my international career working in Capital Markets in London, Hong Kong, Milan, I became a proud father to 4 children. My luxury lifestyle concept was born in 2018 when my 28 year career in Investment Banking came to an end. It was not my decision, but perhaps destiny knocked on the door at the right time.

I was the owner of 3 properties, in Ibiza, Verbier and London, a portfolio I had set up and grew during my corporate life. They were strategically chosen to ensure elegant luxury in extraordinary settings of natural beauty. Back then, I was already very comfortable letting selected guests rent my houses, so it was a natural continuum to turn it into my full time engagement that I am too passionate about to call it a business.

Indeed, I always had a desire to give the opportunity to like-minded individuals to experience similar wonderful moments as the ones I lived with my family in these properties designed by my architect friend of 30 years and my interior designer wife. It was the right time for me to fulfill a long-standing dream. My ultimate ambition is to finalize a small network of Preferred Quintessential Partners using all 3 properties throughout the year along with Magistra, a 12 meter Apreamare yacht crafted in Sorrento.

I have no intention of growing my portfolio of properties, but my dream is to give more one-time users of my homes the opportunity to live the full Quintessential Partners experience and select some to potentially become Preferred ones. This will happen as they naturally discover the quintessential simplicity of my lifestyle concept and value the impact on their quality of life and well-being.

This doesn’t prevent any other guests to become one-time Quintessential Partners and enjoy the houses and the yacht when available for smart working, family reunions or unforgettable holidays with a service that equals the levels of luxurious conciergerie, delivered by loyal staff and selected partners.Some Quintessential Partners have already entrusted me and are now crafting their way to become Preferred Partners. In addition, I am now consulting for others who perceived the efficiency of the model and have reached out to me to develop theirs.